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Your patients deserve its skin cared by science

Naqua was born out of research into the interaction of water in cellular processes.


They show that the quality of the water introduced into our body is essential in the processes of cell regeneration and prevention of the physiological ageing process of the skin.

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Q30 Especificaciones

Serum composed of active ingredients that combat photoaging, favor the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and exert a depigmenting and anti-inflammatory action, thus unifying and lightening the skin tone.


The high concentration of 30% liposomal vitamin C and vitamin E act in synergy by neutralizing the free radicals generated by solar radiation, preventing melanogenesis and providing luminosity.

Group 59 (2)

It is an essential preparation for the subsequent penetration of the recommended Naqua cream, in gel format, it activates the regeneration of cells, providing the skin with tone and quality hydration. It is highly effective in post aesthetic medicine treatments.

Group 5700 (2) (1)



After a long investigation we discovered and patented HYDRO-LIGHT; this water is treated through specific processes to improve its interaction with biologically important molecules. Molecular bonds are redefined until it becomes a 100% energetically usable molecule that will improve the structure, stability and usual activity of proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids.

The main functions of the HYDRO-LIGHT are:

Increase cell regeneration

Increase oxygenation

Enhance the absorption of active ingredients

Why Naqua?

Expert voices

The NAQUA method is developed for implementation in aesthetic medicine and dermatology
clinics, and our products and protocols are increasingly recommended by various doctors.

Listen to the expert voices of doctors Exaltación Martínez, María Ridaura, Pilar Martín, Juan Miguel Perez Díaz and Paloma Castaño: professionals who trust our products a thousand times over.


Featured Products

Discover our products formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients, which
together with Hydro-Light, create a perfect synergy for your skin care.

Q30 | Serum Cells-Antiox

Serum composed of active ingredients that combat photoaging, favor the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Q30 | Oilfree Lotion SPF50

SPF50+, Oil Free, fast absorption lotion to protect the skin from the sun.

Q92 | HydroGel PureSkin

Refreshing gel that provides immediate hydration, helps control sebaceous secretion, reduces redness and relieves irritation.

Naqua at home,

We’ll take your treatment to you

Enjoy the best dermo-cosmetics at home with our prescription system.


Pack 3Q

A complete routine tailored to your skin´s needs.

Naqua 3Q´s Packs contain different combinations of products that boost cellular functions and are maid for your skin specific needs.

The Q3 pack is complemented by the HYDRO-LIGHT products

Thanks to all the options available, you can take care of your skin in a holistic way by buying just one product. Don´t worry about finding a new facial routine, we´ve got you covered!


Smart Peelings

The new range of Naqua Intelligent Peelings. The active ingredient HYDRO-LIGHT
allows the combination of acids to act in depth, improving the result of the treatment,
minimising redness and flaking on the surface and reducing recovery time to a minimum.

QC | Comedox Smart Peel

Especially indicated for acne and skin imperfections. With sebum regulating and bactericidal effects.

QM | Melanz Smart Peel

Its application has a whitening effect, evening the skin tone and reducing hyperpigmentation.

QA | Aging Smart Peel

It brings luminosity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections.