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Our history

After almost 20 years of experience in the aesthetic medicine sector, our experience guarantees the quality of our products and drives us to continue improving every day.


Discover where skin health is born

Our team’s priority is to work on the research and development of our products and to offer an impeccable service to our customers.

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The past of a great future

NAQUA’s mission has always been to find beauty through skin health with balanced, effective products created to support aesthetic medicine.


We are one of the leaders in the Spanish Medical-Aesthetic sector, always present at National and International Congresses, teaching the effectiveness and cellular regeneration of the NAQUA method in Official Masters.




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Cell renewal

Skin regeneration is our excellence and our company philosophy.


Our mission is to share its benefits through our products, making the appearance and quality of the skin natural and healthy.

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Vital cell balance

NAQUA provides the skin with the necessary balance from the inside, from the DNA of the cells.


With our high quality water, perfect and of vital importance in cellular biological processes, we protect, correct and prevent future damage to the skin.

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Cience and honest cosmetics

NAQUA has assumed the commitment to offer advanced skin care products, products that add value to the customer.


We work with high concentrations of active ingredients that are backed by science and with an honest price for the customer.


Naqua landmarks

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The company is born and founded in Valencia, Spain

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Development of the multidisciplinary electromedical team


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Brand Creation

We give life to Naqua and its brand, we get an entry into the market with products for medical professionals, appliances and home treatment

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We started to be present in all the events and congresses of aesthetic medicine such as the annual congress of SEME.


We began to participate in different official master’s degrees and workshops at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I and Alcalá de Henares. Subsequently, we participated in the Master’s Degree in Quality of Life and Medical Aesthetic Oncological Care at Fundación Tejerina among others.

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National Expansion

We are present in all parts of the country and more and more Doctors trust us for the regeneration of their patients’ skin.

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First steps in internationalization

We establish business relationships with various distributors in Europe.

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Present in Asia

First attendances at international congresses on the Asian continent and first distributors.

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New Headquarters

We expanded our facilities to accommodate our growth.

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NAQUA Smart Peels

We have diversified our products to create a new line of Intelligent Chemical Peelings that manage to renew the skin while reducing irritation as much as possible.

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Backed by science

We carry out regeneration and hydration studies on our products with surprising and very favourable results, which are backed up by years of research.

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To be continued…

We carry it

in our genes

Vicenta Beltrán Nicolás - NAQUA


Vicenta Beltrán Nicolás,

Co-founder of NAQUA, she is a pioneer in Spain for her work for more than 20 years in skin care.

She has spent most of her life in her aesthetic medicine clinic, applying and perfecting her methodology. A harmonious symbiosis of aesthetic and medical treatments to improve the appearance and well-being of people.

«Cell regeneration, our goal»


Daniel Osca Beltrán

Co-founder of the NAQUA brand in 2013 and involved in the company and its methodology, he is currently the head of business operations and projecting the brand internationally.

«Our mission is science-based skincare «

Daniel Osca Beltrán - NAQUA