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q89 Gel Regenerative Naqua regenerador celular


Q89 Regeneractive Gel

Gel that boosts cell regeneration. It is an indispensable preparator for the subsequent penetration of the other active ingredients. It has the ability to attract and encapsulate negative molecules, leaving the positive ones on the surface of the water molecule for absorption.


It is a Booster that enhances the effects of the subsequent treatment with Naqua and a highly effective regenerating recuperator in post-aesthetic medicine treatments.


It tones, regulates the pH and sebum production of the skin and deeply moisturises the stratum corneum. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it controls sebaceous secretion.

25 ml

50 ml

150 ml

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Active ingredients

Q89 | Regeneractive gel

Gel that activates cell regeneration.

Hydro-Light 89%

Optimises cellular functions. Improves the final result of the treatment.

Hydrolite-5 Complex

Increases and retains moisture by improving the skin’s ability to absorb water. Renews the skin’s natural hydrolipidic film by regulating secretion Increases the performance of the rest of the active ingredients.

Q89 Naqua Gel regeneractive


Hydrolite-5 Complex

What type of skin is it suitable for?

For all skin types, to help eliminate dead and/or flaking cells, with lesions, acne, burns, dermatitis, psoriasis, couperose, etc… Optimal as a preparer for skin treatments by eliminating any harmful substances on the skin, removing excess sebum and repulping the stratum corneum, optimising subsequent treatment.

Instructions for use

Apply morning and evening before the recommended NAQUA cream. Place 2/4 pulses on a cotton pad and apply by rubbing on specific recommended areas. In regeneration processes after aggressive treatments, apply with a cotton pad using light touches without dragging.


Complete the treatment

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