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Naqua products are formulated with HYDRO-LIGHT to increase skin hydration and regeneration at cellular level. They are specially designed to increase smoothness, elasticity and firmness from the inside of the skin

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q70 microbioma restoring cream

Q70 | Restoring Cream

Restores and balances the epidermis, generating a protective barrier

q73 crema hydro balancing day de Naqua

Q73 | Hydro cream

Light and silky cream of instant absorption that produces a pleasant sensation of comfort.

q54 crema regeneradora AHA con Vit complex de Naqua

Q54 | Regenerating Cream

Cream with acids that eliminate dead cells, reduce wrinkles and regenerate the skin.

q54v crema vitalizante pha con vit complex de naqua

Q54v | Vitalizing cream

Cream that removes dead cells, reduces wrinkles and acts as a regenerator.

q92 hydrogel pureskin + cica de naqua

Q92 | HydroGel PureSkin

Refreshing gel that provides immediate hydration, helps control sebaceous secretion, reduces redness and relieves irritation.

q55-1 redensity emulsión fluida antiedad

Q551 | Redensity

Fluid emulsion that fights against the signs of skin aging.

Q55-2 Perfect Tone emulsión fluida despigmentante

Q552 | Perfect Tone

Depigmenting fluid emulsion that helps prevent and correct skin dark spots

Q90 | Eye Contour Gel

Eye Contour Gel with a formula specially developed for sensitive and damaged skin around the eyes.

q88 serum contorno de ojos de naqua

Q88 | Eye Contour Serum

Creamy texture serum specially formulated for the sensitive skin around the eyes, bags and dark circles.

Q2 | Serum D-Light

Vitamin D Booster that improves the skin environment, calms and hydrates deeply.

q1 serum peptide lift

Q1 | Serum Perfect Refinity

Serum with visible and immediate effect of facial rejuvenation.

Q30 | Serum Cells-Antiox

Serum composed of active ingredients that combat photoaging, favor the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

q85 hydro-light

Q85 | Hydro-Light

Hydro-Light is a molecularly optimized water to be 100% energetically usable by the skin cells.

q89 products

Q89 | Regenerative gel

Gel that activates cell regeneration.

Q84 | Sanitizing Milk

Cleansing emulsion that removes make-up and impurities.

q50+ loción oilfree spf50+ de Naqua protección solar

Q50+ | Oilfree Lotion SPF50

Oil-free, fast absorption, SPF 50+, without perfume and non comedogenic.

Q8 Home Peel Booster, potenciador de peelings.

Q8 | HomePeel Booster

Home peeling enhancer, non-abrasive, suitable for all skin types.

q60 macarilla 5-fx regeneradora e hidratante de naqua

Q60 | 5-FX Mask

Mask composed of powerful natural nutrients with regenerating effects.

q75 microexfoliante facial 3-fx de Naqua

Q75 | Microexfoliant


Exfoliant particles of microcellulose that removes impurities and cleanse deeply.

q75+q60 pack naqua microexfoliante y mascarilla

Q60+Q75 | Microexfoliant + Mask

Combine with your normal skincare routine to improve the skin condition and detoxify.

pack estético oncológico Naqua

Pack | Body Oncological Pack

Body care treatment for the skin in aggressive chemical and radiation treatment processes.

kit post tratamiento médico estéticos faciales Naqua

Pack | Post-Treatment Kit

NAQUA product kit indicated for recovery in post medical-aesthetic treatments of acid peels, laser treatments.

q78 loción corporal Naqua

Q78 | Body lotion

Lotion with a silky texture that is quickly absorbed and penetrates deeply, reinforces the hydrolipidic barrier and moisturizes.

Pack | Summer Protect

A pack designed to provide total protection thanks to a combination of two Naqua products.



After a long investigation we discovered and patented the HYDRO-LIGHT; It is a water treated through specific processes to improve its interaction with biologically important molecules. Molecular bonds are redefined until it becomes a 100% energetically usable molecule that will improve the structure, stability and usual activity of proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids.

The main functions of the HYDRO-LIGHT are:

Increase oxygenation

Boost cell growth.

Enhance the absorption of active ingredients.

hydro-light agua tratada para mejorar sy interacción con las moléculas biológicamente más importantes.